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IMMonitor Facebook Spy 2.5

IMMonitor Facebook Spy is a packet sniffer that reads Facebook messages
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IMMonitor Facebook Spy is a packet sniffer that reads Facebook messages. The application can detect all the Facebook chat conversations that are taking place in your network and it displays them organized by contact name. This app doesn't require a client to be installed on the target computer, instead it can monitor any IP address in the same subnet as the computer that is running the app.

The first step that you have to do to use this app is tell it what IP address to scan. This is quite simple. You can either manually type the IP address or carry out a scan for any active computers in the network and then select that computer from a drop-down menu. After the IP address is set, the scan can be started. When the application detects an ongoing chat, it displays the messages and it organizes them by contact name. It also keeps a log of how many messages were sent and it shows it. I like that you don't simply see packets and technical jargon all over the screen. You only see contact names and messages, along with some packet info once in a while.

There are some advanced settings that are very useful. IMMonitor Facebook Spy can keep a record of the Facebook chat messages and then e-mail you these on regular intervals or upload them to an FTP server.

I did not see an option to scan all the computers on a network, and that would be a great tool to have.

José Fernández
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  • It works like a charm
  • Easy to use
  • Good exporting options


  • It can only detect traffic from a single IP address at the time
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